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Bunny egg cozy for Easter

egg cozy.jpg

Hasn't the weather been lovely the last couple of days? The sun is out, my winter coat stayed firmly on its hook by the door, its finally looking like spring might start! :)

With all these signs of spring arriving my mind started to wonder about Easter, my favorite holiday of the year. Eggs, chocolate, fluffy chicks, wild flowers popping up everywhere whats not to like? And what is nicer to get into the Easter mood then setting a spring breakfast table with a whole family of egg cozy bunnies!

This egg cozy is made from an old jumper, as here at HandmadeHome we like using what you already have lying around the house, lets be trendy and call it up-cycling ;) Why go out and buy new fabric if you have that old jumper in the back of your wardrobe that you haven't worn all season? Cheap and cheerful that's what we like :)

It would be even better if you could felt your old jumper, just wash it on a hot wash. Unfortunately the cardigan I used had 20% nylon in it so I had to use it the way it is but still it makes for a lovely egg cozy.


Download the Bunny template on the left and follow its instruction to make your own egg cozy. All you need is an old jumper, a sewing machine and a little pom pom to use as the bunnies tail. If you need a bit of extra help, have a look at my tutorial video. If you enjoyed this Easter craft why not subscribe to my YouTube channel? Just follow this link http://goo.gl/0JFTBi 


Are there any other Easter crafts you would like to make and learn? Please drop me a note and I will turn it into a tutorial. Also I would love to see your bunny egg cozies! Send a picture over to my Instagram; ByHesterGrams Thanks!!

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