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Upcycle a Painting

Upcycle a Painting

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I've seen the idea of upcycling a painting popping up on Pinterest over the last couple of weeks and absolutely love it!!

Make unique art work for your home for under £1

All you need to do is pick up an old, cheesy picture or print from your local thrift, second hand or charity shop and dust of your acrylic paints to add something to the painting to make it thoroughly unique and modern. Landscapes or house paintings work best.

Get some paper out and sketch the design you want to add to the painting, I love something quirky and cartoon like. Just like the oversized, spectacles wearing bunny or the ginger cat on a swing that I painted on the small print (see video).

When you got your drawing sorted start sketching it on the painting with a pencil, trace this with a pen once you are happy with it. Now its time for the fun part! Crack your acrylic paints open and start painting, you might need to do some layers to cover the original painting. Keep in mind that if you use some of the original features of the original painting you retain the depth in your print, like for example my bunny is behind a flower pot and a door frame. 

One of a kind art work for hardly any money! Whats not to like? Have a look at my video tutorial for some more inspiration.

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