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Make a hand scrub, perfect gift for the holidays

Make a hand scrub, perfect gift for the holidays

How does making a present from cupboard ingredients sound? I love handmade gifts, they don't break the bank and are just so thoughtful.

Have a look at the video below to see how quick you can make your own hand scrub. Little miss Kiki is even making another appearance, well that mainly is because I can’t have her on the floor when I'm filming as my lights and tripos are her favourite toys… Might have to make her my sidekick/assistant :D

For this scrub you will need coconut oil (liquid or solid), lemon juice, chia seeds and your favourite essential oil. Use the same spoon for all your measurements, I used a teaspoon to make a small container of hand scrub perfect for a few weeks of soft hands.

You need 2 spoons of chia seeds, 1 spoonful of lemon juice, 8 spoons of coconut oil and e few drops of essential oil.

The scrub will keep for around two weeks. Just massage a little bit in your hands and wash off, the chia seeds will scrub and the coconut will moisturise your hands.

Perfect little gift for when you go to your friends house for Christmas drinks, a handmade stocking filler or when you have forgotten to buy a pressie and the shops are closed ;)

Happy gift making for Christmas!!

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