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Make Christmas cards with your baby

Make Christmas cards with your baby

Its the season to be jolly and get your craft on!

I got little Kiki involved in the card making, better start them young hey :) As she can’t hold a pen, paint brush and scissors are a def no go zone I came up with this little trick to have her ‘paint’ the cards. Have a look at my tutorial

I love my bird cards! Also made some hanging birds for in the tree but you can use these as gift tags too, they will look stunning on presents wrapped in a simple brown paper. My mum still has two little paper birds in her Christmas tree that my sister and I made in the ‘80s so now she can add a bird from Kiki too. I might have to come up with a different bird design every year!

Bird template

Print this bird template to start your cards. I traced mine on to cardboard so I can use the bird over and over again. You want the bird to be 9 cm high and 10 cm wide so make it fit 1/4 of an A4. Trace your template on to a slightly thicker white paper, mine is 160 gsm one, and cut your bird out. You need two birds for a hanger and just one bird per card.

Apply bits of paint to your bird, you can use any paint, I used some of my favourite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® colours. Henrietta, Scandinavian Pink, Barcelona and English Mustard. Place the birds (I did two or three at the same time) in a plastic ziplock bag and hand it over to your little one. Let your baby do its painting magic by hitting and scrunching up the bag.

Take the birds out of the bag and let them dry. Have a look which side of the bird looks the prettiest and add some detail to the shape with a black pen. I added a wing, detail around the belly and the tail.

Christmas ornament painted by baby, tutorial by www.hestershandmadehome.com
Christmas cards painting by baby, tutorial by www.hestershandmadehome.com

Use 10 cm lengths of yarn to make the legs and a hanging loop, stick these to the bird with paper tape and glue two birds together for a hanger or stick it to a card. A super simple way to make a lovely handmade card, one your family and friends will certainly appreciate!

handmade Christmas cards by www.hestershandmadehome.com
Baby made Christmas ornaments by www.hestershandmadehome.com

I hope you all have a very lovely Christmas and very crafty New Year!!

xx Hester and Kiki

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