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20 Second crafts: Super Easy Cork Vase

20 Second crafts: Super Easy Cork Vase


Sometimes you want your crafts to be quick and easy. A fast fix to your making bug but without compromising on style. That's why a while ago I started the 20 second crafts series. Okey they might not all take exactly 20 seconds to make but they are all super quick, super easy and (super) stylish. Have a look at the playlist here.

Like this vase, made from something you would normally throw in your recycling box but with a bit of self adhesive cork turned into a stylish vase. You could also use it as a pen organiser on your desk, or maybe in the kitchen to store all your wooden spoons in. Little mister Beaver seems to like it! :)

I'm loving cork at the moment, a material slowly recovering from it's stuffy 70's image. It's colour and texture is great and I'm very tempted to clad a whole wall in this stuff. As a craft material cork couldn't be easier to work with just have a little look on Pinterest (or in old craft magazines) there is so much you can do with cork besides the plain old notice board. I bought my sheet of cork online but you can find it in any craft/diy store.

Have a look at the video to see how easy it is to turn an empty can into a cork covered vase.

Have you tried to work with cork yet? Or maybe you have used it in your interior, I would love to see photos! Next week Thursday is the launch of my book Furniture Hacks, exciting!! SO specially for you Hester's Handmade Home readers I will make one of the projects from the book.

Have a great week x Hester

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