20 Second crafts, washi tape pencils

washi tape decorated pencils, tutorial by Hester's Handmade Home

Do you still use notebooks and pencils? Or have you gone completely digital with your doodles and thoughts? I still love using pencils and paper to write down all my idea's, drawings and general nonsense. A little notebook is always present in my bag as especially when I'm travelling I like dotting down idea's. Staring out of a train window seams to trigger my creative thought process :)

Of course to compliment your notebook you need some fun pencils but sometimes these are hard to find and rather expensive. Luckily there is a very simple way to brighten up the content of your pencil case for a fraction of the price, use washi tape to cover the plain outside! Have a look at the video to see how easy this is.

I think I might cover all my pencils! And as washi tape is made from paper it will tear away easily when your sharpen your pencils.

I hadn't made a new episode for my 20 second crafts playlist in such a long time! I think these colourful pencils are a great project to start up the quick crafts section again. As you can see in the video I have a massive selection of washi tapes, I use them for decorating almost anything. I'm surprised Kermit the dog hasn't been covered yet in washi tape tiger stripes :D

I buy most of my tapes at Hema (my fav Dutch store with a great stationary department) and Paperchase but you can find some great ones online as well. Do you like using washi tapes? Do you have a favourite brand, pattern or colour you like to use?

washi tape pencil tutorial by Hester's Handmade Home
Cover your pencils in washi tape for a pop of colour! Tutorial by Hester's Handmade Home

I'll be back next week with a new project, see you then! xx Hester

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