Cheat your way in crafts: cake bunting

Last week I started my new series 'How to cheat your way in crafts' as there are so many projects that are super easy to make but look very impressive to those not in the know, but lets keep that our little secret! In the series I will show you easy made gifts, handmade cards and other things that make your friends say Wow! 

This week I will show you how one minute, some washi tape and two skewers can transform even the plainest of cakes. This mini cake bunting will spruce up any celebration cake and are great additions to your bake sale bakes.

Make it suit any colour theme by using different colour washi tapes, I made mine orange and yellow to compliment to carrot cake they sit on. Make them colour themed for a baby shower, a birthday party or even for your wedding cake. As long as you can find the washi tape you can make the decoration.

Tune in again next week for another episode of 'How to cheat your way in crafts' You can always sign up to my website or Youtube channel not to miss out on any posts.


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