Washi tape Easter cards

I can't believe it's almost Easter!! The holiday of daffodils, fluffy chicks, cute bunnies and chocolate eggs. Maybe it's because my family always throws great Easter parties and the promise of spring is nearby but Easter is my absolute favourite holiday. 

Last year I showed you how to make Easter cards in the shape of an Easter egg, have a look here. The cards are super easy to make and use washi tape to create a nice pattern. Recently I got a lot of questions if I could show you how to make other shaped cards, like chicks. I had a little doodle and came up with two more designs in the same washi tape concept, a little rabbit and a cute Calimero inspired chick. 

All you need is some plain card, a craft knife and washi tape and in a couple of hours you can make enough cards for your whole family! This is a great project to do with kids, just make sure you do all the craft knife action though. Have a look at the video to see how you can make your own.

Are you looking forward to Easter? fancy making some more Easter inspired crafts? Have a look at my Easter crafts playlist, there are lots more projects to choose from.




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