Vintage memory game art

memory art banner.jpg

You remember playing the game Memory when you were little? Having to turn over those cardboard squares two at the time hoping to find a matching pair?

Did you know that game make for brilliant art works! Try and find a vintage game, the older the better as images on the cards weren't just Disney princesses back in the day. Especially games from the 60's have great graphics on them.  I've been looking on vintage fairs and thrift shops for ages, they are not easy to find! But finally found this set on Ebay, and it so happens to be a Dutch game! (for those of you who haven't figured out my accent yet, I'm Dutch)

Watch my video to see how you can turn those little cards into a one of a kind art work for your home.

Are you going to make your own memory game art work? Let me know the results!

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