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Lavender Wands

Lavender Wands

I'm not the best gardener, and to be honest I really don't like gardening. I do love having lots of fragranced plants in my yard though, cue the lavender! This amazing smelling plant seems to thrive on my lack of gardening skills and the couple of bushes I have are getting massive! 

Now the summer is almost at its end the lavender is passing its best as well, so I spend the weekend cutting stems off and making little bundles to dry. At the moment my whole hallway is filled with lavender bunches, a very fragrant hello to the house :) I still have so much more lavender in the garden though so I started looking online what I could use it for. That's when I came across these lavender wands. I had never heard of them, have you?

The lavender wand is not a new thing, woman have been weaving ribbons through lavender stems since Elizabethan times. They are even used as gifts for brides in southern France as it supposed to bring her luck.

The scent of the wand will last you years. To refresh you simply squeeze the pod to release the natural oils in the flowers. Lavender is a great moth repellent so why not hang a wand in your wardrobe, or use the relaxing effect of the plant and hang one in your bedroom for a good night rest? And don't they make for the best handmade homegrown present? Your mum will be impressed ;)

Have a look at the video to see how to make your own.

What do you think? Going to spend in afternoon in the sun making your own wands? 



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