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Meet the maker: Obby

Meet the maker: Obby

In my Meet the Maker series I meet crafter makers and find out what they make, what their inspirations are and how they work. In today's episode I meet Max en Tom, not your traditional makers but two friends who started a workshop platform where you can learn almost every craft possible. I was curious how two economics students started a creative website like this so have a look at my interview. We also try our hand at some spoon carving, a craft I've been wanting to learn for ages!!

How lovely is London Green Wood's little oasis in the middle of Hackney? It was such a great place to send and afternoon in, I will def be back to learn some more wood carving from wonderful Jo.

Jo's workshops normally take 5 to 6 hours but Max, Tom and I had a private master class in which we learned some of the wood carving skills needed to make a spoon. We drew a spoon shape on a piece of wood and used the axe to trim the wood down. We then got going with the knives making the hollow of the spoon first and after that cutting the spoon into shape. The result was a cute spoon we completely made ourselves!

If you live in the UK and would like to get going on some new crafts this winter have a look at www.Obby.co.uk and see what classes they have on offer. Maybe you would like to make a spoon like me or have a go at the menbroidery ;) They also have great workshops in jewellery making like the chunky silver ring course, in pottery, printing and many many more.

If you are a crafter and you would like to join the Obby platform get in touch through their website and who knows you might have your own workshop in no time!

Just to clarify this is not a sponsored post, and I'm not getting paid I just really like the Obby platform and how easy they make it to learn any craft you find interesting. Think of all the handmade Christmas presents you can make!

Is there any craft you would love to learn? Something you always wanted to try but is a bit to tricky to do by yourself? For me that was always wood carving, I just love how you need only a few tools and plenty of spare time. Cutting away the wood, sitting outside and hearing the birds around you is just so peaceful even though we were in the middle of London. I will definitely try a few more wood carving projects.

I'm planning a lot more Meet the Maker episodes over the next couple of months, if there is anybody you would love me to interview to let me know. You never know you might see them here on the Hester's Handmade Home blog!

Next week I'm back with an exciting tutorial as it is the release of my new book Made with Salvaged Wood :D

Meet the maker: Kat Molesworth

Meet the maker: Kat Molesworth

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