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Whipped cream pie

Whipped cream pie

For Kiki’s first birthday party I thought I bake the cake that we always had on my childhood birthday parties, an old school Dutch slagroom taart or whipped cream pie. This cake is utterly delicious and I really wanted to bake one as I never tried to make one from scratch myself. I found a great recipe on the Albert Heijn website (find the original recipe in Dutch here) and had a go for Kiki’s pre birthday party. (Yes the girl is fancy, she had two parties, one in Holland and one in the UK ) The cake was soooo tasty I had to make it again for her real birthday.

Whipped cream pie by www.hestershandmadehome.com
Traditional Dutch Birthday cake recipe by www.hestershandmadehome.com

After posting a picture of the cake on my Instagram I got a few recipe requests so I translated the recipe, added my small changes and photographed it so all of you can make this amazing whipped cream cake yourselves! The cake looks rich with all that whipped cream but it is in fact very light and the fruit gives it a fresh note. What I probably likes best is that it really is a blank canvas to decorate. I kept it simple with a few cream rosettes, colourful sprinkles, a washi tape cake banner and some adorable party hat topped cake topper animals from Hema. The cake banner is super easy to make yourself, there is a tutorial on my Instagram highlights.

Dutch cream pie by www.hestershandmadehome.com
slagroom taart birthday cake by www.hestershandmadehome.com

The ingredients that you need:

  • 90 grams of self raising flour

  • 30 grams of corn flour

  • 6 eggs (medium in size)

  • 150 grams of caster sugar

  • 45 grams of almond slices

  • 1 can (around 450 grams) of fruit in fruit juice (NOT syrup) I like using tropical fruit

  • 750 ml of double cream

  • 6 spoons of icing sugar

  • 2 sachets of cream stabiliser (Dr. Oetker)

  • cake decor, I used a chocolate writing pen, sprinkles and cake toppers

  • cake tin with a diameter of around 24cm

You do:

Slagroom cake by www.hestershandmadehome.com
Slagroomtaart by www.hestershandmadehome.com

The cake stand is an Ikea cup and plate I glued together find this old tutorial from me here. I made several for my sisters wedding cakes (I baked the cake too) I kept this pink one as a memento. The white cake plate is an old Zara home one.

Ironically Kiki’s couldn’t eat this cake herself as it is full of diary and sugar so she had an apple and banana baby cup cake :D

Tempted to give this cake a go yourself? Would love to see your results!

No whipped cream pie for the babies though they had sugar and diary free cupcakes

No whipped cream pie for the babies though they had sugar and diary free cupcakes

My party decor was very simple, I ‘wrote’ on the wall with washi tape

My party decor was very simple, I ‘wrote’ on the wall with washi tape

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