Pompom basket DIY


Doesn't the picture above look summery? Bright colours, dappled sunlight coming through the trees, I can almost imagine myself going to the beach! The orange, pink, yellow and blue pompoms sure made this average basket look festive.

Last week I showed you how you make pompom fridge magnet, I loved how those cute things made my fridge look fun so I thought lets do another pompom craft this week :) Instead of using a fork to make the pompoms, like last week, this week we will use the cardboard method. That's the way I learned to make pompoms when I was a child, don't think we had pompom makers then ;) If you have little ones around this would be a great craft for them to help you with, little ladies might even like a pompom basket for themselves.

Have a look at the video below to see how can make your own

Couldn't be easier, right? I would love to see your own pompom creations! Why not drop me a picture on Instagram, you can find me on Byhestergrams Makes me thinks though what other crafts I can do with pompoms....Got an idea? :)

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