Make a cake stand

What's nicer on a grey winter afternoon then having your friends around your table for a warming cup of tea and delicious homemade cake, these little get togethers sure perk up your day.

I love a bit of home baking, as frequent readers might know, when people come over to my house I always make sure there are freshly baked cookies ,cake or a fruit pie. A big part of the taste of a cake is how you present it and doesn't my little apple cake look so much prettier on this cute cake stand? The blue and white cake stand isn't an expensive purchase its made from a cup and plate you might already have in your cupboard!

My plate and latte mug are from Ikea, the plate is from the Driftig series, I love the blue pattern with a hint of orange. The mug is Ikea as well and from the Pokal range. But of course you can use any plate and cup you like. You can make a small cake stand with a tea cup and a cake plate, or make a massive stand with a serving plate and a vase.

cakestand 2.jpg


I first made these cake stands when baking my sisters wedding cake, I made 4 different sized apple pies and they all had their own cake stand. I got lots of different plates and bowls, mugs and vases from Ikea, all in the dusty pink and grey colour scheme and glued them together to make an apple pie tower.

This is one of the stands from the wedding cake display, and I still use it in my house, not just for cake but also to display flowers, ornaments and bits and bops.

This pink cake stand is made from Ikea pieces as well, you might notice I used the same mug as a base, I love the chunkyness of it!

Have a look at the tutorial to see how easy it is to make your own.



Are you going to turn some of your ceramics into a cake stand? And what is your favourite bake? I love this apple cake, just cook some apple pieces in a bit of sugar and cinnamon until they are soft and caramelised. Add them to your basic cake batter and bake, delicious! 


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