Sea shell candle

sea shell candle.jpg

Want to inject some seaside charm to your dining table? Why not make some  shell candles.

A few of these scattered over the table combined with a couple of stones and other beach finds really gets you in the holiday mood. All you need is some tea lights and flat bottomed shells, they are more stable and safe on the table.

Watch the video to see how to make them.

The double boil method, a little pan in a bigger pan with water, is the safest way of melting candle wax. It makes sure the wax can never get to hot. Also use an electric plate and not your gas fire, again for safety reasons. And while I'm telling you what to, always keep an eye on these candles while burning them.

Fancy making these candles yourself? Do you have other favourite summer table decoration? I would love to see them! 


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