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Pillowcase Pet Sofa Protector

Pillowcase Pet Sofa Protector

Do you remember the post I did about my new sofa? I case you missed it go here. I now have my dream sofa, a  gorgeous light grey West Elm sofa in my living room. You might also know I have a cute little dog called Kermit, and pets and light coloured sofa's often don't match. 

My dog loves sleeping on the sofa and I can't blame him it is super comfy! But I also want to protect the new sofa from dog hair, mud and sand. I could of course cover the sofa in blankets but then I would be hiding this stunning piece of furniture. So I started thinking of a stylish but easy make solution and came up with this pillowcase quilt, have a look at the tutorial video below.

Looks great right? And Kermit loves sleeping on his special pad, the thick layers of wadding make it super comfortable to snooze on. And the best bit is I keep my sofa clean!

I did my embroidery freehand, as you can probably see, in front of the tv. It could have been done neater but I kind of like this loose feel of the pad. I used a bright pink embroidery floss and used it 3 strands thick for all the detailing. I stitched a circle and stripes but you can do whatever you fancy, just a simple running stitch over the whole pad will look great too. If you need more stitch inspiration google Japanese embroidery, they are the masters in simple but extremely stylish stitched fabrics.

I'm loving this pad and am thinking of making a bigger version for the messy adults in my life and the baby that is coming soon. Like I said at the end of the video my maternity leave is starting so this will probably be my last video of the year. I will be posting photo's and articled on the website but it will be a few month until I'm back with my weekly tutorial video's.

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I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year! I'll see you all in 2018 with new makes for your home xx Hester

The pillowcase was a gift from The Secret Linen Store, photo's and video by Hester van Overbeek, Pin with full credits but check before sharing in blog posts please.

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