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Crochet rug for people that don't crochet

Crochet rug for people that don't crochet

Fancy a handmade rug but you don't like following complicated patterns? Like the texture of a crochet rug but you don't know how to crochet? Fear not I have a super simple tutorial for you.

If you've been following me for a while you know I like to do every craft possible, I love working with wood, concrete, fabric, I like using power tools, painting and embroidery. But you hardly ever see me knit or crochet. There is just something about having to follow a pattern precisely that isn't really my cup of tea. I was in need of a small rug though and I love the texture a crochet rug gives to a room so I decided to come up with a fool proof way of crocheting a rug.

Have a look at the video to see how super simple it is to make this rug

All you need to crochet is a basic chain, a massive basic chain that is but it is super simple to do. A very good project to have in a basket next to your sofa, just pick it up when you are watching a movie or have a spare half hour. Before you know it you have a massive ball of crochet chain. Mine ended up being around 50 meter long but for the round rug with a diameter of 75 cm I only used 40 meter of the chain. I might use the rest to make a little matching cushion.

I used zpaggeti yarn from Hoooked for my rug. I love using this thick jersey yarn made from left over fabric from the clothing industry. Their colours change often and as the yarn I used was a few years old I can't give you precise colour references but the base colour is very similar to the Modern beige you can find on their website now. The yellow is similar to the Sunny Aspect and the olive to Inspiar Green. I can't find the mustard tone on the website at the moment but of course you can adjust your accent tones to whatever suits your interior.

I used one and a half skein of the base colour and just a small bit of the accent tones say around 1/10 of a skein. You also need a crochet hook, for zpaggeti yarn a 12mm one is the best. And you need thread in the same colour as the base tone of your rug, a needle and a pair of scissors.

My dog Kermit loved the new rug so much he didn't want to leave it alone as soon as I put it on the floor to photograph :)

If you like this project please share it on your social media channels and use the above image on your Pinterest board for future reference. Do you like crocheting? Is there a craft you like the look of but never do like my knitting and crocheting? I would love to hear from you!

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