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Holiday craft: Make souvenir boats

Holiday craft: Make souvenir boats


It's summer holiday season!! :D Bring on the sunshine, shorts, sun hats, the smell of sun screen and walking barefooted in the sand! I hope a lot of you have amazing holiday plans, to take a break from work, switch your phone off and just enjoy the warm, sunny days. May it either be in a far away place or in your back yard, I had a stay at home holiday this year. As I was not allowed to work for two weeks due to my hand surgery I took this time to switch my computer off, hide my watch away and just enjoy my back garden. As I live in a holiday destination I don't have to go far to enjoy the sun and sea, lucky me! My parents came over so we had a lovely family holiday, what are your plans this year? Are you doing a back yard break like me or are you going on an epic road trip? Are you island hopping on a boat, camping in a dense forrest or are you enjoying the luxury of a resort? Whatever you have planned I hope you have a brilliant time!

This summer holiday though I'm giving you some homework! When you are out and about go and look for pieces of driftwood. Smooth pieces of timber or small branches polished by the sea. If you are doing a forest holiday instead go look for interesting pieces of bark. You also need some twigs roughly the same length as your driftwood, if you cant find any just cut some out of a tree in your back garden. The last thing you need is a piece of road map from your destination. Ones you are back home you can build your own souvenir sailboat, a great and unique personal memento to your summer holiday!

Have a look at the video below for instructions

This is a great little project to do with kids as well, they will love making there own little boat. Next week I will show you another holiday craft, little tip safe some of that road map you need it again next week :)

Enjoy the summer! x Hester




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