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Vintage Cookie Tin Clock

Vintage Cookie Tin Clock

Turn a little old cookie tin into a vintage treasure!

Its very easy to make this unique clock all you need is a 

  • cookie tin, have a look at your local charity shop or flea market
  • clock mechanism, you can buy them very cheap online
  • a drill
  • bit of tape

The clock hands I had were a light metal colour and didn't really show up on the tin. So I decided to paint them with a bit of nail polish. When you paint little things I find nail polish so much easier to use then spray paint.

Decide where you want the clock hands to go and mark with a bit of tape. Carefully drill a hole big enough to fit the clock mechanism. Push the mechanism through and attach the washer and bolt. Attach the hands and put a battery in your clock, Finished!

Think of all the other things you can turn into clocks as well! Flower pots, bits of driftwood, an old toy, fancy having a go?

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