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Decorative Paper Birdhouse Tutorial

Decorative Paper Birdhouse Tutorial

birdhouse banner.jpg

Fancy something on your wall but find a picture or a poster to boring? Why not make a couple of paper birdhouses.

Great on your wall but also as an ornament next to your flowers, in your book case or even on your nightstand. These little birdhouses brighten up any interior! Very simple to make and adaptable to your colour scheme you have a birdhouse made within an hour.

Have a look at my video tutorial

What you need:

birdhouse make.jpg
birdhouse template.jpg

*Start by downloading the birdhouse template on the right. Print it on A4 paper and trace it to cardboard, cut it out and save one of the long off-cuts as this will make the roof. Score the folding lines.

*Fold the edges over and apply glue, stick your house together, I like to use a little bit of paper tape to make sure the house dries okay.

*Ones the birdhouse is dry its time to decorate! Apply a layer of Mod Podge and cut your paper to size, stick the paper on the house and ones the whole thing is covered apply another layer of Mod Podge. (you could use pva glue if you don't have Mod Podge) Add little cut out animals or flowers as decoration on top of your paper, or use washi tape to give the edges something extra.

*Let the Mod Podge dry and your birdhouse is ready!!

To make different sized birdhouses simply copy the template on a 150% or 200% setting, bare in mind you do need A3 cardboard then. Or adjust the sides of the house to make a more narrow and tall house. Let me know how you get along and post your creations on my Instagram, ByHestergrams.

Do you adore the peacock paper I used as much as I do? Its from designer Sian Elin, have a look at her website www.sianelin.com. She has way more interesting designs and prints!


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