Start organised, make a personal calendar

Happy New Year!!! And welcome back to Handmade Home, hope you all had a lovely break over the holiday season.

It's never easy going back to work after having a week full off festivities, family, friends and food. Getting back into the swing of things, sitting behind your desk, working on your schedule it all sounds so boring after all the fun that is the last 2 weeks of December. But to help you out a bit all my post in January will be about organisation, and to start the year off I'm going to show you how to make your own personalised calendar.

You can create your own calendar in programs like photoshop but why go through all that hassle when there are amazing ones out there to download, for free! My favourite one this year is by Chantel Emma I love the clean hand lettering and Chantel kindly let me use her calendar for this project. Go to her website to download your own

And then for the fun part, the decorating , go to your Instagram account and pick out your 12 favourite shots of last year this can be of your family and friends or of your pet maybe even of your holidays. Whatever makes you happy when you look at your calendar on a dreary Monday morning. It's nice to pick seasonal shots to go with the months of the year like my shot of Kermit the dog in a Santa hat for December :)

Have a look at the video tutorial here 

Now you have your own personal calendar full of happy shots nothing stands in your way of making 2015 the most successful and happy year ever! :)

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