From trash to treasure

Little ornaments, you must have lots hanging around your house. Hidden behind books, cluttering your drawers or maybe you even have them on full show. There are tacky as can be but with a lick of paint you can transform them from drab to fab! They make for great little presents, I like to put them in gift baskets. And the best thing is you can pick them up in any second hand or thrift store for peanuts!


Before its makeoverย 

Before its makeover 

As you can see in the video tutorial I like using the Annie Sloan chalk paints for projects like this. You don't need to sand or prime and the paint sticks to almost any material (I even painted some velvet with it last weekend!) 

You do need to choose a figurine with a distinct shape as you're going to paint any of its drawn on features away. Cats, dogs and horses seem to work real well. 

Have a look at my instruction video.

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