The no video post

the no video post hester's handmade home

I feel a bit like a naughty school girl skipping a day of school as I didn't post a video yesterday. The first Thursday since the start of Hester's Handmade Home that I didn't post anything!

Work has been a bit crazy at the moment, I started work on book 3 (more details on that soon) I travelled home for a family party and my other job (I still work as a makeup artist on photoshoots) is super busy as well so busy that I had to drop one thing this week, a new video. I could have made up something real quick Thursday morning, film and edit in a rush and post a mediocre tutorial just so you have something new to watch. But I thought sod that I'm going to paint my shed! :)

shed makeover in progress hester's handmade home

Sometimes when you are so swamped with work it's good to say 'you know what nobody is going to die if I don't post something new I'm going to take a day off and do something completely different'. I did just that I took the day off, didn't look at my emails or social media and started giving my shed a much needed makeover. I have a building in the back of the garden that has seen better days, think overgrown with ivy, asbestos roof, rotten timbers etc. etc. Some friends said I should bulldoze it but I love this old wonky building, hand build by an old man as his DIY paradise. Well at least that what it is in my mind :) I keep finding old rusty tools, dried up paint tins and old bits of timber. I pulled out nails that are of the handmade kind and some of the hardware is at least 50 years old. The brick inside the building is amazing and I can't wait to use the shed as my little photo studio (slash DIY store, bike storage and garden stuff as well it is still a shed)

The asbestos roof had been professionally removed a few weeks ago and the ivy growing into the shed taken care off. I cleaned the inside for the first time in properly forever, I've never seen such black water in my bucket and I've seen more spiders and bugs that day then in my whole life combined. There is a cute 50's style kitchen unit on one of the walls, unfortunately it was red, the only colour I really don't like in interiors so that got a lick of white paint. I got rid of the rotten cladding and replaced it with new shiplap. There is more shiplapping to do on the inside but I ran out of daylight yesterday might have a go again today. The whole outside got a nice coat of slate grey paint, the windowsills are waiting for me to finish this post so I can give them a second coat of light grey paint.

There's a lot still to be done, the roof has to be fitted, I chose a blue metal sheet, I have to build a new door and clean the whole inside again ones the roof has been fitted but I literally can't wait! Maybe also so I can finally take all the shed stuff out of my living room :) So yes no video but a happy, less stressed Hester that finally started her shed makeover.

I've been getting some lovely emails from you guys, they always make my day, it's nice to see people actually read/view my blog posts and video's. My two favourite messages this week came from Penny that reads my blog all the way in Alaska and Sabine from Germany who wrote me a lovely email saying she used to get stressed crafting as everything had to be neat and perfect but after reading my posts realises not everything has to be perfect and if something doesn't work it's not a big deal you just take it apart and start again. I also love seeing your takes on my makes and am thinking of featuring them on the blog. So if you made one of my projects (books or web) you like to show off then email me a picture and I might feature your make!

If you have suggestions of things you would like to see me make, something you would love to know how to make yourself please drop my an email and I will see what I can do.

I'll be back with a new video next week, I promise! See you then xx Hester

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