Drawn to DIY: Kermit the dog Cake Toppers

drawn to diy, kermit the dog cake toppers

If you are a regular reader of Handmade Home you will have noticed the new series I started with illustrator Jasmine Parker called Drawn to DIY in which we show you how to make, DIY and craft for your home in page big illustrations. Well today it's time for my little mascot Kermit the dog to take centre stage in his own episode, how to make Kermit cake toppers!

You might have noticed Kermit appears in a lot of my images, videos and especially a lot on my Instagram, not because I want him to but because he manages to wriggles his way in to almost every photoshoot I do. This little muppet just loves having his photo taken! So I thought it was time to turn him into a cake topper :) 

How lovely are Jasmine's illustrations?!

Kermit the dog cake toppers, hand illustrated jack russell cake topper from drawn to diy for hesters handmade home
Kermit the dog cake topper, a super easy make from Drawn to DIY for hester's handmade home
Kermit cake toppers, a super simple make from Drawn to DIY for hester's handmade home

To make your own Kermit cake toppers simply print out the page below, cut and glue your shapes together with a skewer in the middle and you're done! Super easy but super cute, and you could use your Kermits to decorate other things. How about a dancing kermit in between your plants? Or a party hat Kermit as mini bunting? I would love to see what you do with your Kermit!

- Print outs are for personal use only, do not use to sell, copyright images Hester's Handmade Home. The Kermit cake toppers first appeared on www.hestershandmadehome.com -

I'll be back next week with a new interior project, would like to know what I'm up to in the mean time? Follow me and mister Kermit on Instagram for daily updates. See you next week xx Hester

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