Christmas wall hanger

Christmas wall hanger from Stoff Stil, tutorial by Hester's Handmade Home

Do you want to decorate for Christmas but you don't have space for a tree? Or do you want a bit of Christmas in every room? Why not make a Christmas tree wall hanger? You can still decorate them with your favourite ornaments.

We live upstairs and that is where our tree is but downstairs, my workspace, had to look a bit festive as well so I bought this lovely fabric from Stoff&Stil. It's a 100% cotton woven fabric with a graphic tree printed on it, it's so thick I think it might be a rug perfect for a wall hanger! Stoff&Stil is fast becoming my favourite fabric store they have some amazing printed fabrics and even sell patterns for if you want to make your own clothes, go check them out!

In the video below you can see the wall hanger tutorial and I will also let you in on a little secret. You know how on the photo's and video into the room looks nice and tidy well thats not the case! It's called cropping out :) 

Super easy to make right? All you need is a Christmas tree printed fabric, a dowel, drill, staple gun and some twine or cord. I added a few decorations but think I might make some more. How does a string of mini pompoms sound? And I really want a star on top of the tree! Shall I do it in metal or felt?

You can also check Ikea for a great photo printed Christmas tree fabric or have a look in your local haberdashery or fabric store. 

Christmas wall hanger tutorial by
Xmas wall hanger tutorial by
Christmas decor wall hanger by Hesters Handmade Home
Xmas decor for small living, wall hanger tutorial by

I will try and post one more Christmas craft before I take a break over the holidays, please tune in this weekend to see the video!

xx Hester

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