Be right back

BRB, omg have you used those 3 letters the last ten years?! They sounds so MySpace but will do the job as from now I’m on a break.

I’m taking a little break from the blog, I hope you don’t mind. You might have noticed that my video posting has been a bit sporadic this year as my latest book and my other work kept me rather busy. After writing 4 books back to back, 3 years of producing a weekly craft video and doing up my new house I need a little time off. Some time to get my craft mojo back and come up with some amazing ideas for you to build for your own home. 

I won’t take long, just a few weeks to get the creative juices flowing again and for me to redesign the website so I can bring you a lifestyle hub I envision Hester’s Handmade Home to be. 

If you can’t bear to go a month without your weekly Hester or Kermit update, lets face it he is way more popular then me, head over to my Instagram (@byhestergrams) or Twitter (@handmadehome) to see what we are up to.

If you have any suggestions what kind of video you would like to see please be in touch. In the mean time have a look at my back catalogue of tutorials. 

For Easter crafts go here, for up-cycling video click here, for my house updates playlist go here and for washi tape videos click here.

Hope you have a lovely Easter break and see you soon xxx Hester

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