Behind the scenes of my new book, part 2

behind the scenes of my new book part 2

The last few weeks have been all about my new book, designing and making all the projects, writing the step by steps and my favourite part the photoshoots. I thought I would give you a glimpse behind the scenes of my last days off shooting for the new book which by the way is all about concrete.

I posted part one on the blog on Tuesday and today I have the second part for you. All my projects are now made, photographed and ready for the editors and designer to make into a great book. You will have to wait a bit though as the concrete book will not be out until February 2017, I know a long wait! But I recon I will have a little sneak peek for you by the end of the year...

Have a look at what went on on my last day of shooting


We shot in one of my favourite shops Etc. in Margate, I did a whole blog post about them a few weeks back if you missed that click here. We also shot in the brand new cafe of friends of mine, 26 Harbour street in Ramsgate Kent, they have incorporated a lot of concrete and bare brick into their interior design, perfect for a photoshoot!

If you missed part 1 view it here


The new book is shot by James Gardiner who also did my two other titles and will be published by Cico Books.

I'll be back next week with a new video, see you then xx Hester

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