Drawn to DIY: windowsill bookcase

windowsill bookcase drawn to diy

Today is the start of a new exciting series on the Hester's Handmade Home blog! May I introduce you to Drawn to DIY my new hand drawn DIY tutorial series I do in collaboration with illustrator Jasmine Parker.  Every few weeks we will post a new art work showing you how to build a piece of furniture, do a quick craft or a colourful makeover. For the first illustration I choose my window sill bookcase hybrid you might already have spotted in my Annie Sloan wall paint video.

What do you think? Don't the hand drawn instructions look amazing? This is something I always wanted to do but unfortunately I don't have the drawing talents so I was so pleased when I started working with Jasmine and I could tell her about my illustrated DIY tutorials plans. Luckily she loved the idea so you are going to see a lot more of these beauties on the blog in the future.

I came up with the bookcase windowsill hybrid when I wanted to create a lot of storage in my living room but didn't want something to in your face. As the bookcase spans the whole width of my living room I have plenty of space for all my books but as it's tucked away under the window you don't notice it's such a big build. The case is also great for displaying art work and plant on and is a perfect as a  tv stand. 

The Drawn to DIY series will gets it's own hashtag online so when you share images please mention the tag #HestersDrawntoDIY

Have a great week and I'll be back on Thursday with another Hester's House Updates video

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