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Does your home feel super empty now you have cleared away the Christmas tree and all the other festive decorations? Do you feel January and February are grey and dreary? You might be in need of a little winter charm.

I'm not a big fan of the winter season. I like the first cold crisp day as it gives you a perfect excuses the hibernate on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a few cringe worthy movies but a few weeks in and I can't wait for spring to arrive. In the summer months it's very easy to add charm to your home with freshly cut flowers and colourful accessories but in winter it always seems a bit more tricky to get that cozy and warm feeling in your living space. If you feel the same as me you might be in need of some Selina Lake's magic. This super successful interior stylist has a neck for making every room look cozy and inviting, and luckily she her new book is all about Winter style. As you will see in the video there are six chapters in the book that show you all the different styles you can use to make your home an elegant and welcoming haven from the cold.

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Do you feel inspired to transform your home into snug and warm space? I think this book is so nicely put together I might even start to like the winter! If this winter look is still not your cup of tea do check out Selina's other books I especially like Outdoor Living, Homespun style and Bazaar style. And like I said in the video I can't wait for the new book Botanical Style to come out!

Do you have a favourite interior book or author? Would love to know which books inspire you.

Next week I'm back with a new Hester's House updates video, till then!

x Hester

Video and stills by Hester van Overbeek, book images used with permission of Winter Living’s publisher Cico Books, all views are my own.

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