Hester is moving

Have a look at all this mess, it can only mean one thing I'm moving!

Our landlord has sold our house so it time to move on, although I absolutely adore our home especially as redecorating this beach house kickstarted the Hester's Handmade Home website. But I've shot a year and a half of video's, two books and several interior magazine articles in this house so I'm running out of spots to photograph/film in ;)

Mister Handmade Home and me bought a house in a neighbouring town so we are not going away to far but even so you have to pack up your whole house! I definitely have had enough of packing boxes and going up and down the stairs a hundred times a day by now. But a new house means a lot of new video's for you!! The new house needs a lot of work so I'll be showing you DIY tips, big builds, small decoration tricks and a lot more, so stay tuned on Hester's Handmade Home!

x Hester

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