Make your own Napkin Rings

napkin rings diy

I do love having people over for diner, filling my dining room table with friends and chatter. But it's also a good excuse to go all out on the table setting. Matching your plates to the season, using fresh linens and making a small centre piece, something you wouldn't do for your normal supper. Napkin rings make a set table look instantly more finished, especially these floral ones they make for a great summer table!

Did you know they are made from an old toilet roll? That and a magazine page, some glue and a fake flower. You can make these napkin rings for next to nothing, how frugal is that! So you can make different ones to go with the theme of your table setting, or personalise them for your friends and family, this is also a great craft to do with your little ones, just don't let them handle the glue gun.

Have a look at the video to see how you can make your own.

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