Mother's day Macaroni style necklace


This coming Sunday the 10th of May is Mother's day! Well not the whole world celebrates their mum this weekend, countries like the UK did that in March but in 88 nations around the world coming Sunday is all about making your mum feel special. (If your getting slightly worried you might forgot  have a look at this wiki page to see when your countries mother's day is.)

macaroni style necklace

Do you remember the gifts you used to make for your mum as a child? The messy painted handprints, odd shaped ash trays and of course the macaroni necklace. Big pasta shapes strong on a bright coloured string is the hight of fashion on any mother's day :)

Wouldn't it be nice to give the old pasta chain a modern makeover? Make something for your mum that reminisces the good old day's bit is a bit more sophisticated and she can equally wear? Cue my upgraded macaroni chain! With it's bright cord and abstract shapes it gives a big wink to the old macaroni chain but it's super easy to make and your mum would love you give her something homemade.

All you need is half a pack of polymer clay, some string, a lobster clasp, a knife, skewer and an oven. You will have this little present made under an hour. Have a look at the video to see how to make your own.

Tempted to make your mum a handmade gift this year? What are the best childhood gifts you made her? I can remember some painted rock paper weights and an oval, wobbly ash tray that is still lurking in my parents garage :)

Happy Mother's day to my mum and all mums around the world!!

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