Cheat your way in crafts: Make super easy stamps

I'm launching a new series on the blog called 'How to cheat your way in craft' and you can find the first episode here!

There are so many makes that look very impressive but are in fact super easy to make, sshh! it will be our little secret! But starting from today I will show you some good cheats into making your own cards. presents, decor and more. To kick the new series off these super easy stamps you can use to make personalised, handmade cards. As what is nicer then to receive a card that somebody spend time and effort to make, even if that time was only 1 minute, they don't need to know that ;)

Have a look at the video to see how you can use foam stamp block to make the 'cheat' stamps. There is no craving or cutting involved in making these stamps just a bit of heat and an object you want to see on your card.

Have a look at the video to see for your self how easy it is.

Super simple right? Now you can alway make personalised, unique cards for your family and friends!

What are the crafts or makes you would like to know a cheat way for? I'm open to suggestions and requests ;)

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