Drink can plant tags, tutorial for Reloved magazine

Besides making craft videos for this website I also get to write craft tutorials for magazines, like upcycle magazine Reloved. Over the last year I did quite a lot of project for them, which is great as I love the magazine. Every project they feature is an upcycle, reuse or other budget friendly make. Have a look at their website here.

For the April issue they asked me to come up with a project using a Sizzix machine, if you haven't used one before go give them a try, they make cutting out a project so much easier! You simple sandwich your material in between 2 plastic plates and a die (cutting template) and roll it through the machine. Neatly cut out object appear on the other side. Paper crafters use these machines all the time to make cards and do scrapbooking but you can use the machine on so many more materials, like fabric, felt or in my case metal.

On the photo you see all you need to make the plant tags for your garden, one drink can will give you approximately two tags. But this is of course depending on the size you make them. I like using these name plates for my herbs, especially when they are just seedlings I really can't tell them apart ;)

Have a look at the video to see how you can make the plant tags for yourself.

Do you have a Sizzix machine? Have you ever used it for any other crafts then paper? I do love a good upcycle project and turning your garbage into good use it right up my street. You can make so many variations on the tag, use chalkboard paint for  creating a label you can re write on with chalk. Decorate the tags with metal flowers that match the ones in the pot, make them XL for big pot plants or tiny ones for small succulents, the possibilities are endless and as the Sizzix machine makes it super easy to cut out your shapes it not costing you much time or effort, just the way we like it!

This might be a great project for the Easter holidays when you had enough of all the chocolate eating and egg decorating, get some herbs,  plant them in terracotta pots and make some tags!

Happy Easter all!




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