Decorate your Senseo coffee machine

As you noticed my last couple of post were all about adding the feel of spring to your home, and whats says spring more then bright colours. I love colour in an interior so one of my biggest bug bears in my house is my kitchen with its black countertop and mainly all black appliences. I know you can buy bright coloured stoves, fridges and mixers but unless you want to spend a lot of money you always end up with black electrical equipment.

I love my trusty Philips Senseo coffee maker but I really cant stand its colour but fortunatly there are some sollutions for that!

Have a look at my video to see what I did to pimp my coffee machine.

Doesn't the bright blue look so much better then the black? I'd been meaning to do something to my machine for a while but when I had a look online to see what the possibilities are I couldn't find any information on pimping your coffee machine. So I thought I will have a try myself and see what works best. The washi tape is great if you are slightly scared of doing something too permanent as the tape comes of very easily. And when you are fed up of your colours or pattern you just rip it off and apply new tape. The paint is a more permanent option (but can always be removed if needed) I opted for a rubber paint as it doesn't crack or chip when the machine gets warm, I was worried normal paint might mark quicker. The Plasti-dip paint I used gives a great result but it did needed a good four coats before I had an even finish. Maybe next time I would opt for the spray version.

Which version is your favourite? Do you prefer the original black, the washi tape or the bright blue look? Have you ever painted a kitchen appliance? Would love to see your pictures! Follow me on Instagram on @byhestergrams

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