No voice, no video


Hi guys, you might be wondering why you haven't seen me around much on social media this week, I've been struck down by flu. Been ill for a week now and the worst part I haven't had a voice for more then a week now to! This must have been the quietest I have been all my life ;)

Sort of on the mend now but my voice still hasn't returned and no voice means no video, sorry! On the Youtube channel you will see a rerun of one of my favourite posts from last year, Kermit the dog helping me to make a dog fetch toy out of the Pamper your Pooch book from Rachelle Blondel.

So in the meantime I leave you with a very tranquil image of low tide on the beach, an images I shot 2 weeks ago in a nearby bay, isn't it beautiful? 

See you next week with a new video and hopefully a voice!



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