Make a toiletry bag

Good looking toiletry bags are hard to come by, they are overly flowery and twee or super basic and stuck in the 80's so I decided to make my own cosmetics travel bag out of an old pair of jeans and a belt.

You will have this bag made in half an hour so you can make a whole selection! Lined with waterproof fabric, in my case a piece of vinyl table cloth, the bags will keep accidental spillage in check without spoiling everything else in your suitcase.

These waterproof bags would make great reusable lunch bags as well! Think I would use a thinner belt for those and roll the top of the bag up, you could even add padding and turn the pouch into a Ipad sleeve.

Have a look at the video to see how you can make your own

I love using old jeans for my craft projects, I've turned pairs of denim into a bench cover, used them for a rug and made pieces of jeans into a heart garland for Reloved magazine. See the tutorials here:

Reloved heart garland for Valentine's day 

You can read the turial for the jeans bench cover on my old blog

The Jeans rug doesn't have a tutorial yet would you like to see one?

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