Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint Workbook

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There are so many amazing craft, DIY and interior books out there at the moment so I thought it is time to start a new segment on the blog, Hester's book club! Once a month I will show you my favourite book picks, new or old, that inspire me to be creative.

To start the series off, the new book of the up-cycle queen bee Annie Sloan! Her new book The Chalk Paint Workbook is not your average craft book, it is more a helpful tool when you are planning to redecorate. When working on a new project I love scribbling in notebooks, sticking pictures on pages and draw new furniture designs. Instead of doing this on standard lined paper I now have a great journal to keep my inspiration and thoughts together. The book is divided into 6 chapters, Bohemian and Vintage, Rustic Country,  French Elegance, Traditional Swedish, Modern retro and Warehouse and Coastal. On every page you can find a personal decorating tip from Annie to help you on your way working out your new theme.

Have a look at my video to see the book for yourself

As you can see the look for my new living room will be botanical, can't wait to get started! So far my idea's are a cork floor, a photo print wall, Annie Sloan wall paint in Versailles and a massive bookcase come windowsill hybrid. I just have to finish decorating the bathroom and then I can get started, I will keep you posted!

Do you keep sketch books for your DIY projects? I would love to see some of your pages, you can find me on Instagram on @Byhestergrams on Twitter on @hestershandmade and on Facebook on @HestersHandmadeHome.

I'll be back next week with another Hester's House Updates video, till then!

x Hester

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