Organise: make a week planner

I love a good to do list, most of my weeks are so busy that without one I'll probably go a little bit insane. Sometimes making a to do list is even on one of my lists! ;)

That's why I love this week planner, its like a giant to do list! Anything for the week ahead can be clipped on the board, notes, receipts, business cards, appointment letters, whatever it is you cant forget. The clips hold everything in place and when the week has finished it's all easily removed and ready for new notes.

I also like to stick a cute card on, like this hipster dog, something that makes me smile when the do list gets a bit long.

How do you stay organised in your office? Do use an old school Filofax or are you a list maker as well? 

Want to make your own week planner? Have a look at the video below

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