Souvenir Necklaces

There is this feel in the air that the summer is over, boohoo. Its cooler, the sun is hiding more and everybody seems to be returning from holiday. In a way a like the 'new start of school' feeling I always buy new stationary even though I haven't been to school in donkey years ;)

Did you had a nice summer? Did you manage to get away? I bet you returned with a bag full of beach and forrest finds. Little stones , coloured shells and other small treasures? I thought so ;) But instead of having your holiday finds gather dust on your book shelve why not turn them into these cute necklaces? The perfect souvenir from your summer holiday!!

Have a look on how to make them in this video.

Did you also pick up a lot of shells? Turn them into candles! Have a look at my seashell candle tutorial here. 

Did you pick up any other holiday treasures? Some great local market finds? I would love to see them.

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