Ogu wall art

Sometimes you hear about a new product and you think, why hasn't anybody thought of this before?! I had that when I heard of Ogu.

Besides having a great monkey as a company logo, who doesn't like a monkey? Their product is absolutely amazing! I'm a big fan of photo collages and have one in my dining room that I absolutely adore but they are such a pain to hang! First of all you need to find frames, print pictures to fit and then comes the tricky part line them up nice and straight. Straight and evenly spaced is tricky when you are inpatient like me ;)

But in come the clever Dutch people of Ogu with their easy to place wall decoration system! Ogu prints your pictures on a big board you simply stick to the wall. Ones the glue has dried, this takes only 2 minutes, you take the clipboard away and your art is perfectly spaced over your wall. Isn't that clever? 

Think I definitely need an Ogu in my life, but which wall to choose....

For more info have a look at their website www.ogu.nu 


this post is not sponsored I simply love the idea of this photo system


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