Heart Garland for Reloved magazine

Besides making craft videos for my website I also write tutorials for magazines like Reloved,  an amazing up cycling publication that gives you lots of craft ideas every month. Have a look on their website www.relovedmag.co.uk to see what the magazine is all about.

This heart garland was featured in last months magazine gift, a 2015 calendar, three guesses which month you can see my creation :)

The hearts are made out of old jeans as I'm a bit bored with all the pinks and reds you normally see for Valentines day. Why not make your declaration of love a bit cooler :) You can of course use this garland year round and would look great in your Christmas three, OMG! Cant believe I just said the C word in october, sorry guys!

Have a look at my tutorial video

Would you make your garland out of jeans as well or would you use a different material?

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