Zpagetti stool

krukje after.jpg

I love a bit of up-cycling and this stool is a great example of that. I found a tired little stool on Ebay and with a bit of paint and some Zpagetti yarn its transformed into a modern little piece.


krukje before.jpg

I love the Zpagetti Yarn from Hooked, its made from jersey left overs from the clothing industry, cut to size and stitched together to make a long yarn. Every season there is a new range of colours and patterns. I love working with Zapgetti as you can knit and crochet with it, use it for bracelets our weave it into your furniture. Find more information on www.hooked.nl

I bought this tired looking stool on Ebay for a couple of pounds, cut the rope off and sanded the wood down. I then painted it white and weaved the Zpagetti yarn on. First start with the long lengths, wrap them around the frame and make sure they are nice and tight. When you’ve done all the lengths then start wrapping the yarn on the short ends.I did a five over, five under pattern but you can do any weave you like. When you finish weaving just make a knot in the yarn and you’re done! It only took me 2,5 hours from start to finish, an easy craft for a rainy afternoon.


And there you have it a new stool!!

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