Quilt style blanket

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Winter has arrived and it’s getting chilly! Its already dark at 4.30pm and I have a big urge to wrap myself in blankets. Always on the look out for a blue/white quilt I thought way not make my own. I bought two great table cloths at the H&M home sale a few months ago and one has been in use as a bed spread ever since. Now the chill is in the air I thought it was time the sheet became a blanket.


Anything can be turned into a blanket, a tablecloth, a bed sheet or any nice bits of fabric you have lying around, as long as it’s big enough to cover the width of your bed.
You also need wadding, backing fabric, thread, pins, a sewing machine and a spare hour.
This will be the quickest faux quilt you’ve ever made.

Take your piece of fabric, in my case the table cloth, and lay it flat on the floor. Now take your backing fabric and lay it over your piece of fabric (table cloth) and cut the two to the same size. I used an old white bed sheet as my backing fabric as I wanted my blanket to have a clean white feel. No get your wadding out and lay it over the fabrics and cut to the same size. You now have 3 layers lying on the floor, it’s time to start pinning. Pin the layers together and get your sewing machine ready.




Start stitching at one of the long sides of the blanket. This is the most difficult bit of making your quilt as its tricky to guide your sewing machine foot through the wadding, just take your time, and pull it out of the cloud of syntheticness every now and then.
Stitch 3 sides of your quilt and leave one of the short ends open so you can turn your blanket the right way round. Once you have it the right side round, fold the open end in and pin the opening closed.


After you’ve done the border its time to turn your blanket in a faux quilt, follow lines and patterns with your sewing machine to create a quilted effect. I initially wanted to follow the circles in the pattern but that would have taken me ages to do by hand and would defy the whole idea of a quick quilt. Instead I followed the straight lines on the sheet, giving it a very clean look. When you stitch the quilting lines always work from the middle of the blanket outwards, you get less bulking in the fabric this way.


A blanket is a big awkward thing to get under your sewing machine, I rolled the beast up like you can see in the middle shot, this way its easier to move the blanket around. And there you have it, a quilt style blanket made within an hour!!

As you can see Kermit the Dog was pretty impressed with the quilt as he kept trying to creep into my pictures 

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